The team at Firebird Reactive Targets Limited are proud to be celebrating their first anniversary. The Firebird range of targets have now been available for one year and have been well received by the press, trade and shooters. They are designed to make corporate events, county shows and game fairs and rifle ranges a thrilling experience.


Airflash This 40 mm Firebird Target is aptly named AIRFLASH and has been specifically designed for use with air rifles. On impact from an air rifle pellet, the target ignites in order to reflect a direct hit producing a significant pyrotechnic reaction and loud report. Target shooters will enjoy the effect and gain a great sense of achievement when hitting their target.

  • Includes:
    A specially designed CNC machined magnetic target holder which must be used in order for the Airflash to function.


Now it’s possible for airgun shooters to line up on Firebird Reactive Targets without upsetting neighbours with noisy bangs! Inventor John Green has devised a new, almost-silent target called Airflash Quiet – ideal for use near livestock or sensitive residential areas. The clever innovation means the 40 mm exploding target still disappears in a flash of bright light and cloud of white smoke, but minus the loud bang.

The newly designed targets, which contain a small explosive charge that ignites when it receives a direct hit, deliver a whole new dimension for both shooters and spectators.

    Airflash Quiet Features:
  • Noise level <80 db at 5 metres.


The Firebird SniperFire is designed specifically for use with any high velocity live firing weapon. The SniperFire is available in two sizes, 40 mm and 65 mm. Both sizes are supplied with a set of high tack die cut double sided discs allowing the target to be affixed to any clean and dry uniform surface such as plywood, fluted plastic or such like.
Now being used by specialist units of the military and police in a number of different countries, the Firebird SniperFire not only adds a significant sense of achievement to the shooter when it is hit, but also gives a very practical hit indication at long distances and is proving to be a revolutionary tool for sniper training.

    Available in:
  • 65 mm
  • 40 mm




The 65 mm Firebird Target is aptly named THE SHOOTING STAR and is an exciting enhancement to clay pigeon shooting. On impact from a high velocity projectile, such as a pellet from a shotgun, the target ignites in order to reflect a direct hit producing a pyrotechnic reaction. The reaction is effective and exciting, resulting in an explosion of white smoke, bright flash and a fairly loud bang.

It has a very high tack double sided tape attached to the back making it very straight forward and very quick to attach to a standard clay. One of its key design features is that it is shallow enough to allow clays to stack in an automatic trap as they would normally. It is most effective when shot as a driven or crossing bird as The Firebird Target will only ignite if you actually hit it!